Added purple tang and mimic last sunday. Both are eating nicely and show now signs of ich.
View December 10, 2016 12:56
Setting up refugium today. Large sort of splashing event, tripped the surge protectors.
Should probably put the wires in elevated position.
View December 10, 2016 12:55
Giant conch died. Jerk.
View October 25, 2016 21:16
Regal Tang had nori for the 1st time, seems to be attacking it now
View October 23, 2016 21:07
Regal Tang had lunch and dinner, eating well (for dinner added metro and focus), all feeding times included garlic, but he still does not eat nori.
View October 23, 2016 19:36
Put out nori for Regal Tang, still has not touched it, swimming around a small section of the tank, looks like maybe found a sleeping area, maybe eating cyano
View October 22, 2016 22:09
Added bag of diverse copepods from
View October 15, 2016 17:20
PAR- 180-150 range for the cap
130-100 plate

View October 14, 2016 18:59
Added the rest of the rock from 10 gallon tank
View October 10, 2016 21:34
seeing 1st algae growth by the light, on sand, rocks and glass
View October 4, 2016 22:32