Doser: changed both calcium and alkalinity from 30m on per day to 60 minutes.
View April 13, 2018 15:40
Added 1g of Biomedia spheres to sump;
View March 1, 2018 15:33
Bubbles in algae are gone (whew, was worried). Green algae bloom has gotten much smaller and turned white, which probably means it's dying due to lack of nutrients in water.
View December 1, 2017 09:38
20g water change
View November 24, 2017 09:42
Prince Hairy, our ritteri, was dead this AM. He's on the lawn now. One of the clowns shifted quickly to a nice goniopora. The other looks lost at the top of the tank. Might get a hammer this weekend as a replacement.

Not getting another anemone. My tank probably runs too warm for them.
View November 15, 2017 22:31
dinos aren't as bad as I was imagine the other day. Pretty minimal actually. Not gonna worry about it.
View November 15, 2017 22:30
According to the webz, hydrogen peroxide dosed at 1ml/10 gals/day for 3 -5 days will get rid of dinos. Gonna try the Dino X first
View November 13, 2017 22:11
Need PAR meter. Lots of light, but I need numbers.
View November 13, 2017 21:42
pH is high. Not sure why or how... alk is great. I tested with old color kit, and also with pH meter (which I cal'ed with 7 and 10 buffers first). Odd. I've been testing at night.. might test in morning to seem if I'm just getting some wicked diurnal swings.
View November 13, 2017 21:39
Tank is slowly cycling after die-off from Irma. Went through green hair algae, which water changes and GAC/GFO seem to have taken care of. Now dealing with dinos (brown bubbly algae). Not too excited about tackling this. Tomorrow will change carbon. Also found a product called Dino X at BRS - looks promising. Must fix, they are encroaching on my monti's.
View November 13, 2017 21:07