low salinity = low alkalinity and low calcium. added about a half cup of salt to the tank will recheck salinity later
View October 17, 2020 19:26
high CO2 = Decreased pH = coral death. I'm convinced that was the cause of the loss of all my SPS in May.
View September 23, 2020 02:48
did additional 14 gallon water change. still don't have a great reason why the clam died. hopefully in won't loose additional corals though some have lost color or are bleached. give em time they'll come back.

looks like the abberent Ca reading on trident were because the reagent bottles were nearly empty. changed em out, re-calibrated. buckLo sensor malfunctioning. ordered a new one. removed old one from all programming.
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calibrated the Trident and Ca keeps trending up, but not via Hanna. used the actual calibration solution. increased flow on the vortech last week. started to adjust the salinity down to 35, it had been 36. unfortunately clam died 😔 jack-o'-lantern lepto also bleached. it had to have been something on my hands or the calibration solution. I spent the last few days prepping and painting the fire hydrants. gotta keep my hands out of the tank. Maybe it was the instability in the Ca Alk when messing with the trident? maybe the lights have lost PAR. To many variable to account for just one. Sent ICP test and nothing really bad that would explain.

added cuprisorb and will do 12g change
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alk 10.2-10.8 after 2 days with new alk. decreased from 33-27 ml/day. will turn off dose to trend down then back on tomorrow 👍
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