Tank is finally starting to clear up after the Kalkwasser MASSIVE overdose due to the ATO failure!! Took 5 days but tank seems like it might just survive with minimal losses. All fishes DOA as well all SPS but everything else seems to be pulling out of a dive.

Dosing vinegar through dilution all day for the four days. A drip every 10-15 seconds from a half gallon jug with 100 mL of White Vinegar. pH stayed steady at 8.1-8.2 through to whole clearing process.

Tank was at 9.9 pH the morning I found the tank SOLID white after ATO failed to shut off and dumped 1 full cup of Kalkwasser into the tank over the night.
View March 1, 2014 19:32
Adding Muriatic acid to tank and mixed water to lower Alk

5mL to mixed tank

5mL via dilution to tank itself dripped in
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Manufacturer of ATO...Innovative Marine contacted me via cell phone. Emailing him all info to get possible repair/replacement
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ATO failure!!! Pumped all my Kalkwasser into system. Full snow storm event.
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Acroporas showing small signs of distress
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One ocellaris Clown disappeared last nite
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