Added a some corals over the past few weeks. I'm pretty happy with the current 'scape. I did decide to remove the glass lid, since its been getting harder and harder to clean. Losing a lot more to evaporation but I did pick up a RODI unit finally so I wont have to be driving 60 miles round trip for water I trust.
View July 9, 2013 23:09
As expected none of the fry made it past day two. It was fun though.
View June 25, 2013 10:16
I'm seeing about five Clarkii fry!! I was not setup for breeding, we'll see if nature will win. Feeding zooplankton to the fry (bottled, not live).
View June 23, 2013 22:47
Noticed my Clarkii eggs shining silver today so I pulled them out and put the rock in a 10g. Pulled out 10g of water from my tank and used it in the 10g. Thought it would be better to do a 25% WC while seeding the 10g with good water. 10g is BB, I almost went out and bought a bag of argonite but decided BB would be best.
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Cleaner shrimp is sad. He's constantly reaching out to clean fish but nobody wants to utilize his skills. The sixline wrasse hangs out with him a lot but leaves the area if the shrimp tries to clean him. I'm contemplating getting a second scarlet skunk shrimp to keep him company. May also pick up a pair of peppermint to add to the tank.
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