Going to take Par readings today and try to adjust to the corals I have that aren't doing as well as the others in the tank.

Also do all the other parameter readings to start a dosing regime in the next week.

Clean the sand bed with the vacuum one quadrant at a time to try and get things sorted out algae wise.
View April 11, 2020 14:41
Added a new light this week XR15 G5 Blue and took the hood off the 130D and added an arm on the back after I hacksawed most of the back plastic off the tank!

The light is too high at 9 inches as it needs to be around 7 for my size tank to not spill light everywhere!
View April 3, 2020 02:42
Installed Radion in my RSM Hood - breaking the lighting in over 4 weeks starting at 35% and ending up at 65% to start. After that I will up it based on the corals I add to the tank and also the feedback I get from others on what they have done.
View January 11, 2014 09:12
Spent all day pretty much yesterday setting up the Network for the Apex Lite I purchased, I added a wireless repeater bridge so I could plug it in down in my basement. I also got the Dynamic DNS working so I can use a name instead of a changing IP address.

Looking forward to setting up a copepod breeding tank over the next few days. I'm going to add a Aqueon Min Bow 2.5 gallon tank to the mix.
View December 25, 2013 11:06
Spent the morning reading about Pods tanks and how to breed them for a mandarin. Seems a combo of that and training them to eat other things in the key to having them live more than a few months.
View December 22, 2013 12:46
Reading up on a sump/refugium for my tank. I would really like a life reef one but I don't want to wait 6 months for it tbh. I also don't want to build one as I'm sure it would drive me out of my mind! ;). I'm sure there is a happy medium out there somewhere!
View December 21, 2013 12:31
I lost my yellow clown goby yesterday evening - I really feel it was due to him not eating but I can't be for sure. I seem to never have any luck with gobies or blennies for some reason. I will keep trucking and pick up something else maybe with a little larger mouth for the Marine 1 pellets!
View December 20, 2013 08:09
Added larger Top Off bin so I have to fill it less often.
View December 17, 2013 21:22
I changed the water this morning and cleaned the tank. I also added a ton of different snails for CUC today as well as one cleaner shrimp and a yellow goby.

Everything is doing well so far in the tank and ammonia had continued to drop.

I also bought a battery backup for the vortech pumps in case of power outages.
View December 16, 2013 00:02
Things are going well from the ammonia added the night before. Saw the readings hit .5ppm and is now around .227 and dropping a little every hour. I expect it to drop below .2 sometime tomorrow and I will boost the ammonia again and hope we can see it process the ammonia and nitrite in 24 hours the next go around.

I have brown and green algae growing and the tank is looking otherwise healthy. The 10 or so snails are still going strong in the sand and on the glass.

I look to add some more to the CuC this weekend some time depending on the cycle performance.
View December 12, 2013 20:17