10 days of growth
dtum ‐ Now all of this happened in just 10 days?? This is simply stunning.
reefguy ‐ This is after changing my lights. The old lights I had was 18 months old.

I have also been raising my pH and alkalinity and trying to keep them in balance. I take average of two readings per day for my alkalinity.
dtum ‐ That's very impressive, it appears to be a not-so-fast growing coral either...
Now what did you find when you measured the alk twice in a day? Any deviation? Also, which test kit? Thanks.
reefguy ‐ From my alkalinity measurements you can see I try to keep it at 135 ppm +/- 5 and it has been quite difficult because I switched from two part to balling method. I also took out a calcium reactor too but now I'm thinking of putting it back in.

There is deviation day to day because the growth rate changes thus corals consumptions of ions changes therefore I have to adjust my dosing pump daily according to various indicators.

When I had my calcium reactor in, my alk was rock steady with 2 part dosing. However I wanted to experiment and raise pH by removing co2 and dosing kalk.

I might purchase one of german made calc reactor.
dtum ‐ Wow, I'm going through a pretty similar dilemma myself - I had 2 part (+magnesium) running for almost a year, things were great, but I decided to add kalk reactor to help with phosphates. Everything went bonkers and I had to turn kalk off - I was checking alk daily (and became a pro at it).
How did you like the balling method? And which brand of balling did you pick? Was it a 3 part?
reefguy ‐ I bought raw materials from a chemical company.
I got Calcium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Magnesium Chloride. On top of this I am dosing kalk.

I want to know what to do with the extra sodium and chloride because in balling method, we are suppose to add reef crystal, nacl free salt. I am still trying to figure out what that is.
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