Everything looked good this morning. No side effects from running the reactor last night. I figured there might be some bad stuff still coming out but it looks as if the tank is handling it well.

Forgot to mention yesterday that the kenya trees have began to do that little thing they do, the whole melting down into nothing for some reason, yesterday I had two trees that were withering. Will see how they look when I get home.
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RO unit seems to be going a little whacko. Its reading the same going in and the same going out.

Its late but I will have to look at this a little more tomorrow.

Also, the Calcium Reactor is back up and running through its cycle. It was getting nasty but I turned it on, basically did a 25 gallon water change through it and everything smelled fine, I expect in a day or two it will be clean again and ready to hook the bottle up to it and start dialing it in.
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So, I added in the frags of GSP that I had been holding in the frag tank for a while. I also put in some purple xenia that I swore I wouldnt, ohh well. There was a thick yellow finger leather frag I have been holding I added too. I am ready to get these zoas in the tank and not have to worry that they wont make it due to astrania stars. I might just go ahead and mount them and place them in the tank anyway just to see. If I notice them on them I can always pull them back out.

Calcium Reactor started leaking a while back during its break in cycle, Angela put about 3 more coats of silicone on it last night. I hope it holds this time and I can get it set up over the weekend.
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Its been a few days now. Keeping with everything, its all still looking good.

Added a Green Rasta, he is open and doing good. Needed more color. Next on the list is a Yellow Figi Leather.

Also added a Greenish Toadstool to the bunch, whim purchase, he wasnt open but I gave him a shot... He is doing good too.

Xenia in the sump is coming around. It took it a while to get used to the lighting I guess but now, every time I look at it after dark its open wide and pulsing, cant wait to see it grow and cover everything.

The Cheato doesnt grow as fast as it did back when this tank was at its peak before. Dont really know why but, I have pruned it and kept it fluffed and have pretty much gotten all the red algae out of it. Its looking good.

Other than that everything is still kicking. I will run test either tonight or tomorrow night. I think its safe to say I can cut it back to one day a week now.
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Yesterday marked 1 month or 30 days of dosing vinegar. I have to say I have so far noticed both a reduction in nitrates and a reduction of phosphates over this time.

At the begining I was at about 5ppm of nitrates, as of yesterday I am at 2

As far as phosphates, I was at .16-.2 and now, I am at .02.

I have noticed no side effects except for a birds nest coral that STN from the base, it is still alive, I am hoping it recovers.

Other than that the whole tank seems to be doing really well.
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Didnt have time to write this down yesterday but, we added a Yellow Coris to our mix as well as a small Lawnmower Blenny.

The frag tank is starting to grow some major algae and I am hoping that between the snails and the blenny that they can tame it down a bit.

The Coris I placed in the frag tank, I purchased a Melinarus (sp) wrasse a while back to help with a red planria problem and he hasnt helped so, I put the yellow in the frag tank to see if he will take to eating them before I put him in the main display.

Picked up a toadstool and a few other shrooms and such. Pest are the main focus at them moment, once I get these under control the tank will be on its way.
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Checked the tank this morning. 78.1, right where it needs to be. This heat wave had it up a little and is putting a strain on the new AC unit but, it has kept it within a degree or so, so far the chiller hasnt had to kick on and it has been HOT!

Other than that, I plucked cheato this morning, has some red algae that is in the ball and it seems to grow faster but it matts up and makes a mess. I have to prune it out.

The Xenia frag I put in didnt act like it liked where it was as much as yesterday but yesterday was its first day so that comes to no surprise. I am sure that once it gets used to its new home it will go nuts!

So the fuge is in full swing of operation, now its a hurry up and wait game.
View June 24, 2015 11:55
Got the replacement T5 fixture in this evening and got it all hung and started.

I also put my Xenia frag I have been saving for this in place. I am hoping to see positive results soon.
View June 22, 2015 22:18
Have my replacement 36" 4 bulb T5 fixture coming in for the fuge. Really cant wait to get home to get it installed.

I have xenia colonies ready for import already. Now, I just have to find out what to do with the rubble rock I need to remove.
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Everything in working order today, didnt test, just looked and observed. Cleaned the glass, sat back and just admired it for a day.
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