I now have a phosphate tester and started testing for that. I had a nice guy that lives about an hour from me sell me some corals cheap.
View May 8, 2014 19:56
Three stripe is looking more at home. He is out from under the rocks now. Took frozen brine shrimp to get him out the first time.
View April 2, 2014 15:08
I picked up some KH and Ca testers tonight. Looks pretty good. i know I don't need to test for those for a long time but I wanted to see where I was at. I want the coraline to start even before I think about corals.
View April 2, 2014 00:31
I just got my lighting in the mail. I ordered 10 x 10k and a bunch of random other LEDs. All 3 watt. I'm thinking of building the hood with 15 x 3w LEDs and making it dimable. I still have actinic LEDs on the way and other stuff for the build (fan, switches, power supple, plugs etc).
View March 31, 2014 17:18
Pickling lime is working to bring the PH up a bit. Almost where I want it. Bought a 50/50 bulb fo the cheap hood to hold me over until I can get the LEDs ready
View March 28, 2014 22:18