Tomato Clown back in the main tank
View July 20, 2014 13:48
Toadstool leather appears to have white spots and has not opened up for 3 days. Googling results...appears to be starting the shedding cycle. I hope.
View June 22, 2014 13:09
Came back from vacation and both the tang & Royal Gramma died during my absence. Apparently, the Royal Gramma just disappeared and the tang stopped eating and was sitting on the bottom with white things over her.
Luckily my neighbor (first time fish duty) removed the tang and managed to do a good job with rest of the tank. Sad to see Lucy go. Will take out the Spotted Cardinalfish and put it in the QT with the Clownfish just in case it is ich, but he seems to look ok.
View June 19, 2014 00:22
Prepping for vacation. Lots of water changes over the last 2 weeks. 1 more tomorrow and change filters and then a big one on Saturday.
View May 27, 2014 13:02
Stupid Clownfish is now hosting my Goniopora. Time for it to go in the QT tank until I can find a new home for it.
View May 20, 2014 17:51
Montipora fell on the Goniopora! My fault for the stupid mounting position. I need to rearrange the tank...and fast!

Dipped Bubble and scrubbed off what I think is vermetid snail. Still not looking any better. Really wish the clown would go back to it.
View May 10, 2014 19:48
So this is a weird event...
The Cardinal I put in kept starting at the rock above the clown fish and his treasured bubble coral in the evenings. Looked like Darth Vadar doing a mind trick. 1 week on and now the Clown, Royal Grammma & Chromis are all doing the same all day long. It's been about 2 days since the clown left the bubble coral and as each day goes on, the bubble seems to be opening up less and less and completely recedes it's bubbles sometimes. Not sure what to do. Will give it dip in revive and see if that helps.
View May 7, 2014 14:53
Finally figured out the timer on the Reefkeeper lite to stop the wavemaker and start the ATO in a continuous cycle. WM 3 min off every 3 hrs and ATO during this time on for 2 min.
View April 25, 2014 23:21
Stopped using Kent Purple Tech and restarted using Seachem Reef Complete
View April 21, 2014 21:59
Tang seems to be taking great pleasure on pooping on the bubble coral. 4 x in the last 2 hours. I hope this does not have a detrimental effect. On a positive note, she seems to relish eating the Turban snails poop and almost hovers around them waiting for another snack.
View April 4, 2014 17:11