Well, had a "Free Willy' moment with the little French Angel. He is now in Sosua bay, hopefully making new friends. Here's hoping, he does not get served up to me on a plate in a years time...
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Spent hours catching the little bugger of a baby French Angel (error purchase by my mrs), which has actually doubled in size in 2 weeks. He is now in the QT tank and doing well.

Decided not to give it back to the shop. During the week, the plan is to put him back on the reef in Sosua bay. Don't want to give it to guy that she got it from, who is actually a local fishermen with a couple of tanks in a spare room. God knows what he will tell the next person about this type of fish.

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18hrs on ph has moved from 7.92 to 8.19 using CDX
View March 22, 2014 11:10
6 hrs on and the CDX seems to be working. ph is now 8.08.
Since I installed a digital ph meter, I have not seen a reading this high which required the interpretation of my eyes and brain.
View March 21, 2014 22:40
Installed Phosban Reactor 150 with CDX to increase ph. Current reading is 7.92
View March 21, 2014 16:54
Added Pinpoint ph probe to Reefkeeper lite. Spent 2 hours moving around circulation pumps and creating a mess only to place them back in the original place.....
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Here I am living in the Caribbean and am having a harder time finding corals than when I lived in England...go figure!
View March 6, 2014 20:13
So sending my other half to pick some dwarf crabs on the way home, she bought me another present :) A juvenile French Angel.......! She told me it cost DOP135 (about $US3.40)

This obviously has to go back and have spoken to the shop owner who will trade it in for some snails.

The little fella has settled in nicely and is feeding really well. Very playful and come straight to my hand whenever it is in the tank. Going to miss him, but the tank is too small and my plan is for corals.

Acclimatized him over a period of an hour with some Seachem Paraguard.

Next step is to engineer a fish catching device to get him out and back to the shop.
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Added 250ml Seagel & Purigen
View February 25, 2014 19:08
Found the source of my phosphate. It is coming from the bottled RO water that gets delivered.
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