New Radion XR30w Pro LED
dtum ‐ Wow, the tank looks pretty mature. How did you get that rock up against the back wall in the center?
scharenberg ‐ Had a crazy idea, with all the empty wall space. Grabbed a dry rock at the LFS, and a set of my old magnets. Used a chisel to get the rear of the rock flat. Then a dremel tool and carved out holes on the flat side. Then made sure the poles were the same and epoxied one set into rock. So it has two sets of magnets holing it up. Witch is cool because if I wanted to move it I could. Want to do a couple of smaller ones.
dtum ‐ Pretty ingenious, plans to put some corals on it? GSP perhaps?
scharenberg ‐ Have two different sets of polyps on it now. Even stuck a small frag of sps in one of the holes.
d2mini ‐ Cool, how are you liking the Pros? Did you upgrade from gen 1?
scharenberg ‐ I really haven't had time to mess with them. So they are set up on one of preset options. Work out of state so my wife gets to enjoy them more then me lol. But they are the Pros, had the T5 lights before. But with what little time I had with them they are awesome. The light they put out is way more crisp then T5. The only thing is we aren't to into the blue set up, so it is set to natural shallow reef.
d2mini ‐ Awesome. I have the Gen 1's but will be upgrading soon. You should try the Radiant Color graph. OMG.
scharenberg ‐ There is a set up in there that makes everything glow, it is crazy seeing the bio luminescence in there.
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