Experiment update: It's been nine months since my last water change. I’ve stopped running the macro algae and NO3/PO4-X, relying now solely on 500mL biopellets, protein skimming, and 3mL Vibrant dosed once per week for nutrient control/export. Alkalinity, Calcium, Magnesium, and other ions are dosed once per week. Algae growth has decreased and leveled off. All inhabitants are happy, healthy, and growing well.
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It's been six months since my last water change in an experiment to see whether appropriate water chemistry can be maintained with a combination of macro algae, biopellets, NO3/PO4-X, and protein skimming. Algae was a problem until I found the proper balance of those combinations. Now that's been achieved, algae growth has decreased and leveled off; I only clean the glass once every week-and-a-half. All inhabitants are happy, healthy, and growing well.
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Slowly restarted tank after fallow period. Strict quarantine protocol for new fish and corals to prevent pathogens/hitchhikers.
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Both snowflake clowns died. Cause of death: Brooklynella (more info here: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/brooklynella.247938/). It was terrible to watch these beautiful animals literally melt before my eyes. :'(
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Complete tank crash. Lost almost all coral. Moved Snowflakes and remaining fish to hospital tank for medication.Ran DT fallow for 72 days with bi-weekly water changes during that period to get a fresh start.
View July 16, 2016 21:40
Tissue on LPS corals is starting to recede. SPS corals have bleached out and died. All parameters seem to be in check except for phosphate. Verified parameters with two different test kits.
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Added more Ocean Direct Caribbean Lite sand to the tank, as past siphons of the sand bed have removed a bit.
View May 4, 2016 23:22
Added the BRS Deluxe Reactor with a mix of two tbsp of BRS High Capacity GFO and four tbsp of BRS ROX 0.8 Carbon.
View January 10, 2016 22:44
Treatment of Rid-Ich in hospital tank complete. Move to display tank. Will continue to monitor for re-infection.
View November 12, 2015 19:51
Created a quarantine tank out of a five gallon glass tank, simple hood with LED light, heater, and an internal power filter with bio-active sponge from the display tank. Used five gallons of water from the display tank and transferred the clowns. Added Rid-Ich per label dosing directions.
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