Tried an Eheim Compact 5000 pump for my return but its a bit too powerful for the overflow. Looks like I'll need to upgrade the overflow first.
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Added a phosphate reactor (10" ro filter housing with 1/2" hose tails, has refillable cartridge inside). Put in some Ecophos. Does the job nicely!
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Managed to pick up 3 x 5ltr breakfast cereal storage containers for £6 from Asda (Walmart) today. Ideal for dosing containers. Just need to get some 1/4" ro bulkhead fitting to fix on the top.
Reefing can be as high or low tech as you want to make it. What gets me is that as soon as a piece of equipment is classed as being for marine aquariums there's a premium price put on it.
Next on my shopping list is a 3 channel dosing unit. Might as well save some money along the way lol.
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