Mini maxi anemone
d2mini ‐ Beautiful. I love these. I've had one for a couple years and it's been through two tank moves and he has NEVER left the rock he is on... hasn't moved one inch even!
scottishreefer ‐ I also had a beautiful fluorescent green one on the same rock until it decided to go walkabout recently. It got caught up in my elegance coral before I realised, but it was too late. The elegance coral closed up a little for a day or two but the mini maxi was mush and didn't survive. Pretty nasty sting on those cats!
d2mini ‐ Oh man, good to know about Elegance. I just added my first one this past week! :)
scottishreefer ‐ Just make sure it has plenty room around it. Mine has doubled in size in past 18 months. Don't get me wrong, it's a lovely coral but just be aware that its pretty aggressive in coral terms. I've also lost a few snails to it. Too much like coincidence when you find the empty shells next to it.
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