Started Reefing at January 2012 after a few months research and following new york steelo and many others on Youtube. This is my first Fish Tank and although I have had some success, I have aslo had many failures. I have learnt so much more recently and the dedication it takes to make it truly thrive!

I am determined to get the results i really want and enjoy the challenge of building a beautiful reef.

My first tank has only inspired me to build my new one in a new house and make it everything that I wished for!
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Zero experience with any aquarium before this but have many interests in my life and always strive for success.


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I run a DSB with a protein skimmer and a sump with macro algae based on New York Steelo's system. I am now going to move away from this to a Bio Pellet system with a decorative sand bed as this will make the transition easier to my new tank in my new house. I have an automatic water change system but have not used it for 2 years as I decided I wanted to see what no water changes would mean for a reef tank. I actually think that with proper testing and precise supplements you do not have to do water changes. but will make that decision finally over the next few months whilst running some serious tests into controlling trace elements in the tank.


running radion gen 1's but am curious about other systems including t5's and the gen 3's and wonder what difference this would make to coral colouration and health


my mp40's can more than handle the flow in the tank for sps and lps but getting the placement of certain corals right is tough. I put this down to the fact that lps and sps have different requirements and I think going one way or the other would make this easier. Due to the nature of my tank the back gets less flow than the front and so I have to cater for this but my next tank will be all sps and I will design it accordingly.




as this is my first tank I have simply just experimented and played about to see what i like and I know know what I want through this experience

4 Fish

Black-tail angel Centropyge eibli
Coral Beauty Angelfish Centropyge bispinosa
Gold Rimmed Whitecheek Tang Acanthurus nigricans
Sailfin Tang Zebrasoma veliferum

8 Corals

Cabbage Leather Coral Sinularia brassica
Green Hammer Anchor Coral Euphyllia ancoraGreen
Green Mushroom Rhodactis sp.
Green Tipped Torch Coral Euphyllia glabrescens
Large Green Zoas Zoanthus sp
Montipora confusa Montipora confusa

1 Invertebrate

Condy Anemone Condylactis gigantea


bespoke low iron glass
profilux level sensors connected to 200 litre ro tank and tubing
ghl temperature proble
interpet triple white 7.2 watt led
bespoke by aquarium cabinets
Bespoke 150 litre
i try to keep mine at all the usual specs but as i don't do water changes i feel trace elements are something to be considered more with me. I have not been vigilant enough with calc and alk over the first 2 years and corals have suffered in growth because of it. Lesson Learnt!


just dosing calc, alk, mag and some corals food through a profilux auto dosing pumps. This seems to always be an adjustment game to get the balance right as corals get added and grow.

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1 large pinch of formula one marine flakes low phospherous · offer 10-20 mins of grazing on 2 x new era marine grazer · 20 pellets of ocean nutrition formula one marine pellet · H2OCEAN SPS · Algae rings 20 mins of grazing · half a cap of orange rotifers black label · teaspoon of h2o coral food · fed 1 teaspoon h2ocean sps · teaspoon of h2ocean sps · pinch of flake · 20 mins algae rings · 1 teaspoon of h20 ocean coral food · 2 mini spoons of h2ocean sps · copedpods half a cap · algae rings 20 mins · 1 pinch of flake
stil not mastered my balance but all my fish bar 1 are fat and healthy off flake and pellets and algae rings only. No frozen meaty foods have been fed for years. Th e skinny salfin gets bullied all day and i feel this stress keeps him thin.


not much really om the equipment side other than skimmer cup emptying (although have ran my system with out a skimmer for months and still had very low nitrates/ phosphates. Glass cleaning is always a job but buying good equipment that doesnt break saves you in the long run and that's what i did from the start

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Inspiration & Goals

My main inspiration is Krzysztof Tryc's tank on YouTube and this type of tank and succes is what i feel i have worked out over my 2 and half years of reefing

Words of Wisdom

be anal and thorough and don't let things slip. Be proactive and passionate and care for every part of your reef. I have not done this consistently and have suffered because of it but have also learnt a lot during the way that has now inspired me to get it right!

Disasters & Regrets

like i said neglect of certain parameters has caused me problems and rushing ahead too early with corals without the proper vigilance has cost me more money but failure is simply the stepping stones to success!


thanks to all the you tubers (too many to mention) who have inspired and helped me learn this hobby.