Shane's ZEOvit reef

Brisbane, Australia


Hi, my name is Shane and I'm from Brisbane Australia.

I have kept fish for as long as I can remember when my mum bought me my first goldfish bowl.

My love for aquatic life continued, as I got older I moved onto tropical freshwater fish with various planted and breeding tanks.

When I was 14 my Dad bought his first reef setup which introduced me into the wonders of marine life. Shortly after that I shut down all my freshwater tanks in favour of my own mixed reef setup.

Unfortunately back then information was very limited and reef keeping involved a lot of trial and error. Technology in the hobby has advanced so far now. It's allowing us to keep fish and coral quite easily that was once considered impossible to keep.

17 years later and my passion for the hobby is as strong as ever. The amazing beauty of the reef never ceases to amaze me.

I just hope the natural reefs are around for generations to come so people can enjoy it as much as I do.


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All the tanks filtration is handled by the live rock and zeovit.

I use a 200 micron filter sock to filter the finer particles in the water entering the sump. This is cleaned daily to prevent any nutrient build up.

Sump is bare apart from the skimmer, zeovit reactor, activated carbon reactor and return pump.


After having limited success with LED's on a previous tank I decided to use tried and tested T5 lighting for this one to maximise colour and growth of SPS at any level and position in the tank.

I am very happy with the results I am getting from them :)


4 x Ecotech Vortech MP40WES set to Reef Crest mode on 100%.

All pumps synced together with each opposite corner in sync and anti sync mode creating alternating circular flow around the tank.





1 x Yellow Tang
1x Mimic Tang
1x Moorish Idol
1x Coral Rabbitfish
1x Mated pair of Blue Throat Trigger Fish
1x Mated pair of Green Mandarin Fish
1 x Mystery Wrasse
1x Melanurus Wrasse
1x Cleaner Wrasse
1x Orange Back Wrasse
2x Pink Barred Zebra Goby
1x Lawnmower Blenny


6x Stromb Snails
5 x Nassarius Snails
Approx 8x Collector Urchins
Aprrox 15x Turbo Snails
1x Christmas Tree worm colony
1x Maxima Clam


Approx 80 different species of SPS
Approx 10 different species of LPS
1 x NPS

16 Fish

2 Blue Throat Triggerfish Xanthichthys auromarginatus
Cleaner Common Wrasse Labroides dimidiatus
Coral Rabbitfish sp sp
2 Green Mandarinfish sp sp
Lawnmower Blenny Salarias fasciatus
Moorish Idol Zanclus canescens
Mystery Wrasse Pseudocheilinus ocellatus
2 Pink Barred zebra goby sp sp
Yellow Tang Zebrasoma flavescens

43 Invertebrate

Linckia Sea Star Linckia laevigata
Maxima Clam Tridacna maxima
6 Nassarius Snail Nassarius sp.
4 Peppermint Shrimp Lysmata wurdemanni complex
Sand Sifting Sea Star Astropecten polycanthus
25 Turbo Snail Turbo fluctuosa


I try to keep all parameters as stable as possible. I have reached my target levels apart from nitrate which is currently 2ppm and should decline when the zeovit settles in further over the next few months.

My target levels are:

Temp: 25-26deg celcius
Salinity: 1.025-1.026
Alk: 7.5dkh
Ca: 415ppm
Mg: 1250ppm
Po4: Undetectable
No3: Undetectable
K: 380ppm
Moorish Idol Thumbnail
  • 12
  • 20
  • Moorish Idol / Zanclus canescens


I use Randy's Recipe for maintaining Alk, Ca and Mg.
Alk and Ca is automatically dosed via a Kamoer 3 channel dosing pump.
Mg is dosed manually once per week.

Potassium Chloride for maintaing K, soon to be connected to dosing pump.

Zeovit additives:

Bio Mate
Coral Snow
B Balance
Coral Vitlizer
Sponge Power
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  • 0
  • 15
  • Green Mandarinfish / sp sp

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Reef Roids
I believe a large variety of foods is essential to the health of fish.

My fish get fed 3 times a day each time with something different.

Here is the list of what they get fed from the ocean nutrition range of frozen food,

Marine Mix
Chopped krill
Red Plankton
Lobster Eggs
Fish Eggs
Mysis Shrimp
Spirulina enriched artemia
White shrimp

They also get fed all types of New Era pellets and flake foods as well as nori.

Corals don't get fed anything but the zeo supplements and what ever they pick up from the fish foods.


Daily maintenance:

Clean skimmer cup
Clean filter sock
Pump zeovit reactor twice per day
Add required zeo additives

Every second day:

Clean glass if needed
Test Alkalinity & po4


Approx 14% water change with Natural Salt Water
Test all parameters


Vacuum detritus from sump
Clean Vortech pump wet ends
Clean skimmer pump
Exchange activated carbon
Clean internal glass edges with scraper blade

Every 6 weeks:

Exchange zeovit stones
Clean zeovit reactor

On average you perform a 8.1% water change every 28 days.

0% total water change in January.

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Inspiration & Goals

My biggest inspiration for keeping sps coral was from viewing youtube videos of "A Reef in the Sky"

An absolute brilliant aquarium and I would love to have my tank looking as good as that.

The ultimate goal is to have a tank full of healthy vibrant fish and coral. I think my tank has a long way to go to reach that but I'm happy with the progress so far :)

Words of Wisdom

Biggest thing I can suggest is to have lots of patients. Good reef tanks don't happen overnight and the long term picture needs to be kept in sight at all times. Most tanks look very ugly in the early stages before they look good.

As the old saying goes nothing good happens quickly in a reef tank.

Never stop reading and learning. There is so much information available online, just be wary that for every good piece of information there are handfuls of incorrect information.

I've always been a firm believer of only trusting advice from those who have the proven results I wish to achieve.

Disasters & Regrets

Touch wood this tank has been relatively problem free.
Only set back I've had is a bad stage of cynobacteria that I linked to a vodka overdose before starting the full zeovit system.

The success has come from many trials and errors of past tanks.
I had a test of patients with my last tank with coral pests, acro eating flatworm was the worst.

I ensure I dip all corals before putting into the tank from now on. Ideally I would like to set up a coral quarantine tank to ensure corals are kept 100% free for my next tank.

There is always room for improvement with this hobby :)


I have quite a few thank you's I would like to get through for making this possible,

First off I would like to thank my wife for tolerating my obsession and for listening me go on and on about the tank everyday. Also anything I need for the tank isn't a problem and for that I thank you.

My parents for getting me into the hobby in the first place, especially my Dad for opening my eyes to marine life and for all the support with my tanks along the way.

100% Reef Safe for all the amazing stock and equipment.

All the people on the RTAW forum who have given me advice and encouragement.

And last of all my great friends I have made through the hobby, especially Pete, Matt & Dan.
Cheers for all the advice, support and many laughs along the way :)