Tried new Tropic Marin MG/CA Test.
First attempt with CA - test sample did not turn blue after adding regent b. Indicates high level of CA. Trying with 4 ml water option .....sample still didn't turn blue. No test
View October 15, 2017 11:55
Made gallon of dosing solution for first time since initial gallon made in February and filled dosing container.
View August 20, 2017 12:39
Re-filled Alk Doser. Found approximately 3" of hose clogged at end. Removed end from sitting in sump water. Unsure if calcium build-up or from Alk solution. Need to check this on a regular basis.
View May 3, 2017 13:31
Putting permanent quarantine tank into service. Change AquaClear Foam every 2 months. Change carbon every month. Change BioBax every 3 months

Removed sand from frag tank. Getting too much cyano
View April 13, 2017 10:21
ROX Carbon 1/3 cup per 50 gallons and change 1x per month = 1 1/4 Cup. Add to reactor and tumble very low flow
View April 2, 2017 10:28
Lights out starting today for 4 days
View March 12, 2017 13:47
Cyano Regimen beginning today:
recommend more Cerith snails (which eat cyano) & more Nassarius (if you have less than 10 popping up when you feed). I'd run ROX carbon constantly & change weekly until the cyano no longer appears - then run the ROX all the time & change monthly. Certainly run Polyfilters - change out when brown like a box color. I'd do this plus one more time the cyano siphon, lights out for 4 days (turn on to feed & to check for any sign of cyano & if there again, siphon it out right there & then) turn off the lights when done - again, for 4 days.

Added 2 polyfilters and ROX carbon
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Have been slowly raising Alk over the past couple of weeks. However, this has been to the demise of Ricordia mushrooms. All but dissolved and extracted what was left today during water change.

Maxima clam had also fallen from previous position several times - twice in the last 24 hours. Moved to bottom of tank approximately 4" lower than prior position. Placed on rock that it was previously on.
View March 5, 2017 13:32
New dosing pump connected and working properly.

Begin dosing 10 ml every 2 hours to start.
View February 26, 2017 11:09
Dosing for Alk

Recipe #2, Part 2: The Alkalinity Part

Dissolve 297 grams of baking soda (about 1 1/8 cups) in enough water to make 1 gallon total. This dissolution may require a fair amount of mixing. Warming it speeds dissolution. This solution will contain about 950 meq/L of alkalinity (2660 dKH). As mentioned earlier, Arm & Hammer is a fine brand of baking soda to use in these recipes. Be sure to NOT use baking powder. Baking powder is a different material that often has phosphate as a main ingredient.

Once these two solutions are created, they can be added as frequently as necessary to maintain calcium and alkalinity. For further dosing instructions, see below.

Added 2 cups solution by hand today.
Need adapter for dosing pump

Today's test 2/14 Alk raised .45. Added remaining (just about 2 more cups) of original solution

Not sure concentration level of above new solution mix compared to smaller batch made before. - Add 2 cups or 473 ml spread out throughout 24 hour period. 473 ml / 24 hours = 19.7. Adjust to 20 ml every hour. 1 Gallon of Solution is = to 3,785 ml. 1 Gallon should last 8 days.

Begin Dosing - 1 cup - 10 ml every hour as soon as replacement Aquamaxx Dosing Container arrives. Initial one appears to have defective valve.
View February 13, 2017 15:42