Toefu's Reef

Volume 178 Gallons
Dimensions 60'' x 24'' x 29''
Make Oceanic
Model 178 Gallon




16 Fish

3 Bartlett's Anthias Pseudanthias bartlettorum
Flame Wrasse Cirrhilabrus jordani
Golden Rhomboidalis Wrasse Cirrhilabrus rhomboidalis
Kaudern's Cardinal Pterapogon kauderni
Leopard Wrasse Macropharyngodon meleagris
Lineatus Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus lineatus
Regal Angelfish Pygoplites diacanthus
Scott's Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus scottorum
Six Line Wrasse Pseudocheilinus hexataenia
2 True Percula Clownfish Amphiprion percula
Yellow Tang Zebrasoma flavescens

80 Corals

$500 Efflo Acropora efflorescens
Acropora Loripes? Acropora Loripes
Acropora Plana Acropora Plana
Acropora Suharsonoi Acropora suharsonoi
Acropora Turaki Acropora turaki
Bali Green Slimer Acropora yongei
Blue Turaki Acropora turaki
Branched Montipora Coral Montipora digitata
Bright Orange Montipora Cap Montipora capricornis
Cali Tort Acropora tortuosa
Candy Apple Green cap Montipora capricornis
Candy Cane Coral Caulastrea furcata
Candy Cane Coral Caulastrea furcata
Copps Blue Tenius
Copps green Efflo Acropora efflorescens
Duncan Polyp Duncanopsammia axifuga
Frogspawn Euphyllia paradivisa
Frogspawn Euphyllia paradivisa
Frogspawn Euphyllia paradivisa
Green Digitata Montipora digitata
Green Pocillopora Pocillopora sp
Hyacinthus Acropora Coral Acropora hyacinthus
Insane Millipora Acropora millepora
Leng Sy Cap Montipora capricornis
Marshall Island Monster
Meteor Shower Cyphastrea sp.
Miyagi Tort Acropora tortuosa
Montipora Setosa Montipora setosa
Montipora Spongodes Montipora spongodes
ORA Green Stylophora Stylophora spp.
ORA Ice Tort Acropora tortuosa
ORA Pearlberry
Oregon Tort Acropora tortuosa
Pulsating Xenia Xenia elongata
Purple Digitata Montipora digitata
Purple Slimer Acropora yongei
Purple Tip SPS
Rainbow Birdsnest Seriatopora hystrix
Red Dragon Acropora Acropora carduus
Shaggy Green Mille Acropora millepora
Steve Elias Staghorn Acropora abrotanoides
Toxic Green Tort Acropora tortuosa
Tricolor Nana Acropora nana
Tricolor Nana Acropora nana
Tyree Undata Montipora undata
Upscales Microcladus Acropora microclados
acropora simplex acropora simplex
blue base candelight
ultimate shortcake

11 Invertebrate


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On average you perform a 16.9% water change every 37 days.

0% total water change in September.

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Got tired of cyano and tried to switch over to vinegar from vodka in the last 2 weeks. this has been a nightmare thus far. pH dropped from 8.3 to 7.85. been doing constant water changes now. Already l
Last night one of the baffles I made in my sump (75 gallon tank) 2 years ago gave way. This lowered the water level and basically made my skimmer unusable.

I went ahead and emptied out t
Finally completed added all of the corals from my excel sheet of where I keep my aquarium log. Shouldn't need to maintain that excel sheet any longer. most inhabitants are now listed here.
Alk went up to 152, which is high for my tank, had to reduce the alk dosing a little (-12 ml per day less). All of my teal stags had no polyp extension and one even started to rtn from the base. hopin
Took the cooling fan down. It was just cluttering above the tank. My tank simply doesn't need cooling anymore, so it doesn't make sense. i can't even break 78f. Looks like I just regained a slot back
so far so good. The reefbreeder lights have shown to be quite powerful. So far my myagi tort has faded its color some (it's right underneath the new lights) and a blue stag has turned very light blue.

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