Mag has been creeping up since my last dosing adjustment. Moved the dosing to 15ml per day instead of 18. Will retest in one week. Phos has also been on the move upwards. Increased the flow thru the GFO reactor and BioPellets. Will also reduce amount of frozen I've been feeding.
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Alk measured today at 9.35, since the large cap was removed, alk usage is down. I've been raising alk by .209 per day over the last 3 days which equates to 18ml less per day. Will adjust daily dose of cal and alk to 114.
View February 4, 2014 00:19
Alk tested at 7.56, dosed 42ml of BRS Alk solution to bring Alk back up to 8.1. Will test again on Thursday before water change to calculate increase in daily dosage.
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I did a thorough gravel vacuum today, but instead of with a water change, I used a 200 micron filter sock placed in the sump. I was impressed by the capture rate of the filter sock. I will see how the tank responds in the next couple days as well as how the phos and nitrates test.
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Alk tested at 7.1 today. Consumption has really spiked in the last couple of weeks. I mannually dosed 71 ml of Alk to raise Alk back to 8.0. Retested at 8.1 and increased daily dosage from 118 to 132. Will retest again on Thursday before water change.

Mag tested today at 1350, it seems that I've found the new dosage point and perhaps even a bit heavy. Will also retest on Thursday to see if I'm up or down from 1350. If steady, I will hold, if down, I will increase and if up, I will reduce.
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Mag restest at 1290 vs goal of 1310. Added another 200ml of solution, will retest again in 30 minutes
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Magnesium tested at 1275 today, dosed 310ml of BRS Mag Solution to get levels back to 1310. Magnesium usage in the aquarium seems to have really shot up over the last 3-4 weeks. Will retest in about 20 minutes to see if I'm back at 1310.
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Alk tested at 7.7 today, down from 8.0 on Wednesday. .3 dKH lost in 4 days or .075 per day. Would require an additional 6ml of Alk solution per day. Will test Cal to determine if Cal is holding. If cal is holding will increase alk to 122ml per day. Will retest again on Wednesday.
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I've ran the tank w/out GFO for the last week to see if the Redfield ratio would change and bring down nitrates. Nitrates actually increased from 2.5ppm to 3.5ppm and phosphates went from .0 to .02. I will be putting GFO back online tomorrow after the water change.
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Mag tested at 1305 vs. target of 1310. Added 44ml to raise to target and increased daily dose from 6ml to 8ml. Will run again one week to test new dosage.

Alk tested at 7.5 vs. goal of 8.0. Dosed 40ml of BRS Alk solution to raise Alk to 8.0. Increased daily dose from 110ml per day to 116ml per day. Will retest in one week to validate dosage.
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