2nd frag lost to RTN, any frags with damage seem to at risk. 3rd and 4th frags showing signs of RTN. All are the same type of sps, with the original acro frag still affected by STN.

The original Milli and Stylo are going great, the Stylo is starting to get a green tinge to it as it slowly colours up.
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Small Acro frag has been lost to RTN over night. It was the most damaged of the lot and only lasted the week. The RTN started Sta night and by last night was completely lost.

Check the water after a week with the new Frags and can see that the Alk and Calc have dropped alot faster than expected. This probably lead to the RTN issues and I should have identified it earlier.

First batches of Randy's 2-Part have been made and initial adjustment doses have begun.
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Christmas came late - a visit to the LFS netted me 13 SPS frags for $17.50!

Mainly Acros, however I did get 2 plating Monti's as a test run. Most pieces have been placed temporarily in case they need to be moved. I need to confirm the species to make sure they are save to position close to each other.

A couple frags are very pale underneath and I believe one has a bit of STN - hopefully they heal up. All are various shades of Brown, but if my test pieces are any indication, it will be 2-3 weeks before they start to colour up. Fingers crossed there are some nice bits in there!
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