Fishlips (Blond Naso) is looking better. Rita has indicated that Dorie (Blue Hippo) is Hiding alot (next to where our cleaner shrimp has setup shop).

I took Pics and video of Dorie Eating and Swimming.

have some airbubbles in the tank and alot of brown (dead) algae presumably from a Chemi Clean I did 2 weeks ago (Lots of Live Rock)

Also Dorie and Fishlips don't seem to like the packaged "Red Seaweed". So I will see if I can find something else.
View March 23, 2018 16:24
Lost my other Conch - Probably because of the Water Level Fallen Valve on the PS. Salinity was real low as a result.
View January 24, 2018 07:32
Arrrgh. Water Change. Turn the Pump back on. Bubbles in the Tank. Why?

Chamber that contains Pump - Low water Level.
Not a lot of Skimate in the Skimmer.

It took 2 Days to fix this - the valve fell out of the Skimmer. Most of the time was spent dealing with the consequences of the problem. I was able to identify the issue - valve fell out of Protein Skimmer. This would not allow appropriate water flow in the down stream chambers.
View January 20, 2018 15:02
Torch is looking better. Polyps are starting to extend again. Rita noticed the heads may be getting read to split. Maybe I need a pic and go talk to Rob.
View January 19, 2018 07:03
Added my Japanese Toadstool last night. We will see what he does.

View January 19, 2018 07:02
Fishlipps is out a little more. still getting used to the digs.
View January 18, 2018 07:00
Fishlips Came out today, He explored the tank abit and went back to his cave. It looks like he has been eating the Nori I put in the clip for him.
View January 14, 2018 07:18
Brought home a Blonde Naso today - Name is Flishlips. He had been in QT at LFS for the last Month. I dripped him for about 70 Minutes and added him to the tank.He quickly found a cave and stayed there - I was told this is to be expected. Should be out and about in a week.
View January 13, 2018 07:19
For about the last week my Torch has not been extending it's polyps. I am thinking this may be due to insufficient lighting. The coral has been under what I am thinking is insufficient light for the past 2 months. I am running into trouble getting the lighting in place.
View January 3, 2018 15:04
Moved my Remaining Corals and Cleaner Shrimp and the last 2 snails to Lonnie's Reef. This means I can Shut down the 55 and give it the good scrubbing it needs.
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