March 29, 2020

AquaticLog 7.0 for Android is here

Can't believe I am saying this, but finally I got the new version of Android app going. Version 7.0 is now available and I'm already working on 7.1.

So, what has changed? Well, if you are reading this, there's a good chance you are actually on your Android phone and are now viewing the News feed right from AquaticLog. This feature has been added for two reasons: it is now easier to stay up to date with any important events at AquaticLog, but the main reason - this particular functionality is using a new technology for showing news and it will make adding new features faster and easier over the next few weeks.

The app is now faster, more stable and a few pesky bugs have been ironed out.

I hope that you are enjoying the fruit of my labour, and if you do - please leave a rating in the Play Store and tell others.


knunnery ‐ hey,I can't find it on the Google play store.
dtum@knunnery depends on what version of Android OS you have installed, it has to be at least 8 and up (latest requirement by Google Play Store)
fdeb70 ‐ Nope, note on android 7.1.1 unfortunately 🤷🏻‍♂️
pakito ‐ Su Samsun Note 3 N9005 app not compatible