May 5, 2020

Thank you!

This is Dmitry, and ever since I made AquaticLog free last November, I've been relying only on your donations as a way to help pay for hosting and running this website and iPhone and Android apps.

To everyone who has supported AquaticLog I want to say a sincere thank you. You did not have to do it and it means a lot to me.

Big shout out to the following supporters in the past month:

Much appreciated!


j0359m ‐ not a problem, I thought I was buying u a coffee
dtum@j0359m thank you!
jr0senblum ‐ This site and application are really good. It’s a pleasure to donate to something of real value
cnidus ‐ Yes the app is great, I want to see it continue. Will donate again in future.
trickystank ‐ How do I donate mate? Been using the software for a long time now. Would still be happy paying annual fee πŸ‘
dtum@trickystank hi tricky, simply click on the "About" page on the website and you'll see a link:
jctreefer ‐ Just donated. Thanks for the awesome app! πŸ˜ƒ
dtum@jr0senblum thank you kindly, really appreciate it.
dtum@cnidus thank you for your donation!
dtum@trickystank Leigh, thank you for your donation!
dtum@jctreefer much much appreciated!
checkychang ‐ Hey, plz keep this app always up to dates and fix the major bugs, i am willing to support your app forever mate. Cheers!