May 16, 2020

Android Photos

For some reason (tech gremlins?) some users have experienced issues uploading photos via Android.

I'm looking into the issue and hope to address it soon. Also, made good progress on the reminder management via Android app, there is a beta program that you can apply for.


kear1978 ‐ Yes on ios
spmg ‐ Doesn't Work on Android with me. only uploading via pc.
kristopher ‐ I have uploaded all of the pictures on my account from my phone. im using 7.4 version of the app. galaxy s7 running android version 8.0.0
ukgreynomads ‐ Not working still on my iPad.
jbj45 ‐ Yeah, same here. I have an iPad 5th gen and the app will NOT let me upload any pics.