January 12, 2021

Happy New Year

Dear AquaticLog users,

2020 has been a challenging year for all of us on many parts myself included. Even with obstacles in the way our aquariums did get some loving and so did AquaticLog.

In 2020 I finally made significant improvements to the Android application getting it much closer in features to its iPhone cousin. Major updates are scheduled for 2021 so stay tuned and if you have any suggestions I'm more than happy to implement them.

iPhone application has just received its final update for 2020 and it is a big one - if one of your measurements is outside the range you'll get an option to adjust the range and conveniently create a measurement reminder for that parameter.

As you may remember, in Nov 2019 I made the a commitment of keeping the app free for a year and I've successfully stuck with it. However, my server costs have steadily increased where your membership does help offset this burden and also makes sure that there will be AquaticLog for you years from now. We are now seeing its 8th year.

To sum up - lots of work has been done, hoping to see even more in 2021. Appreciate all of you as the users and continue to be impressed by the level of aquarists that use the app.

Have a great and healthy New Year!


lauraholmes ‐ How can I upgrade to the premium version from the app? The “add more tanks" button I clicked on has a pop up that says requires premium version, but no option to do that. Maybe there could be an option there to upgrade. Thanks! Love this app!
teku1998 ‐ Thank you!
dtum@lauraholmes Dear Laura, you can login to AquaticLog.com website to see the option for upgrade.
marionvc ‐ Awesome Dmitry!

And thanks for hooking me up to this great and successful new hobby with the help of your app :-)
To a better 2021 , stay safe and healthy 🐠