August 7, 2019

FAQ and Feedback

AquaticLog FAQ

The intention for this post is to help answer some of the questions you may have about AquaticLog. It will be continuously updated and will be pinned to the top. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

My name is Dmitry Tumanov and I had started AquaticLog as a website to help me get organized with my foray into reef aquariums in November 2012. Since then I had continued working on every year and have made over 740 updates to the website.

First versions of native mobile apps were written in 2014 and now mobile app is the predominant way that users access the service.

In early 2018 I’ve built industry first Artificial Intelligence recommender system that to this day helps making suggestion to aquarists on optimal parameters for their aquariums.

In late 2018 AquaticLog has hit 1,000,000 measurements mark, you can see real-time number of measurements taken so far at the bottom of every web page.

While I have my main job, both programming and reefing are my passions and I continue to work on native iPhone app, native Android app and website whenever I can. When you pay for the app you directly support this development, thank you.

You can also see all of my aquariums on YouTube channel.

Cloud Sync
AquaticLog app allows seamless syncing between iPhone, Android and web. Should you switch phones or even mobile platforms, all your data is safe. You can also make your data private or share with other aquarists to get advice or bragging rights.

Big thank you to long-term supporters of AquaticLog: EcoTech, AquaIllumination, NYOS, PolypLab and many others. You have helped a lot in expanding this service.

As of November 2019, on its 7th birthday the app was made free to all of you. Enjoy.

If you feel that I'm doing a great job and want to say an extra thank you, please consider sending a donation.

Import your parameters
If you would like to import your parameters, you can easily do so by logging to the website, going to your parameters page and clicking on a single existing parameter. You will then see an "Import" button, clicking on it will take you to a page where you can upload a Comma-Separated file (CSV) and instructions on how to do so.

marionvc@dtum Thanks, I will send you screenshots as I can post here, send feedback, see other stuff / images posted by others, just not my data.
marionvc ‐ Thanks for fixing the data connection ! Love the app too :-) Question: where do I put KH measures?
marionvc ‐ Oops , found it... Alkalinity equals Carbonate Hardness it seems as noted short same KH :-)
nkompier ‐ Hi, tried adding photo’s on my iPad iOS 13.7. Not succesful. When i click add on the topmodel the screen Some box appears. Mightnbe scrollbal but only see take Photo. (Behind the text inhabitants.) workshop on iPhone.
bmacd ‐ Any way so that the remainders in the app can push a sound or badge to the iPhone instead of having to go into the app to see my reminders? Thanks! Love the app!
dtum@nkompier this is fixed in 9.7.1, available either today or tomorrow
dtum@bmacd the badge will show up on your home screen with any pending reminders. if it is not showing up, please email and I'll help
bmacd@dtum will email you. Tested it today by setting a reminder for 12pm and did not receive any notification. Thanks.
robertsiniakin ‐ I am Trying to delete 7.5 from the water change, but can’t get the cursor to the end of the string. All if you delete the entry it comes up as delete feeding.
dtum@robertsiniakin can you please email me the screenshot at I'll help
dub3 ‐ I have version 9.7.1 but can not find the timer function. Where is it please?
dtum@dub3 you can press the big purple button next to your aquarium on the home page, this will take you to the measurements and you can click on a parameter you want the timer for. I shot a video that should make it easier to see:
squeakysim ‐ Anyone know why it takes so long to load details when open the app??! I’m trying to update inhabitant info, and the pictures either don’t load straight away or load the wrong photo initially. Then if you try to go in a change some details you find that the info disappears...!!
pokerwinski ‐ How can I get multiple timers to work. When testing parameters I do t want to wait for each twsty
dtum@pokerwinski Here are the instructions:
dtum@squeakysim I'm sorry to hear about this. Can you please email me at and I'll take care of it.
pokerwinski@dtum how does the reminders work. i tested one and nothing reminded me. is it email ? text ? what ?
dtum@pokerwinski I see you are using iPhone app - the reminders will show up as notifications on your phone. You will also get a daily reminder via email in the morning with everything that you need to do. Finally, reminders will also show up on your home screen of the app.
pokerwinski ‐ how do you reset a parameter timer on the web . i am using my pc and i can stop and start it but not reset it
bmacd ‐ Thanks! Loving this app! Really helping me cycle my first tank. Not sure if this can be done in the future but would love the ability to overlay selected graphs over each other. Again, I’m a total newbie but thought this might help show the relationship of the parameters to each other on one graph for future cycles. Again, total newbie so this might be something not necessary? Thanks again!