August 7, 2019

FAQ and Feedback

AquaticLog FAQ

The intention for this post is to help answer some of the questions you may have about AquaticLog. It will be continuously updated and will be pinned to the top. Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments below.

My name is Dmitry Tumanov and I had started AquaticLog as a website to help me get organized with my foray into reef aquariums in November 2012. Since then I had continued working on every year and have made over 740 updates to the website.

First versions of native mobile apps were written in 2014 and now mobile app is the predominant way that users access the service.

In early 2018 I’ve built industry first Artificial Intelligence recommender system that to this day helps making suggestion to aquarists on optimal parameters for their aquariums.

In late 2018 AquaticLog has hit 1,000,000 measurements mark, you can see real-time number of measurements taken so far at the bottom of every web page.

While I have my main job, both programming and reefing are my passions and I continue to work on native iPhone app, native Android app and website whenever I can. When you pay for the app you directly support this development, thank you.

You can also see all of my aquariums on YouTube channel.

Cloud Sync
AquaticLog app allows seamless syncing between iPhone, Android and web. Should you switch phones or even mobile platforms, all your data is safe. You can also make your data private or share with other aquarists to get advice or bragging rights.

Big thank you to long-term supporters of AquaticLog: EcoTech, AquaIllumination, NYOS, PolypLab and many others. You have helped a lot in expanding this service.

As of November 2019, on its 7th birthday the app was made free to all of you. Enjoy.

If you feel that I'm doing a great job and want to say an extra thank you, please consider sending a donation.

Import your parameters
If you would like to import your parameters, you can easily do so by logging to the website, going to your parameters page and clicking on a single existing parameter. You will then see an "Import" button, clicking on it will take you to a page where you can upload a Comma-Separated file (CSV) and instructions on how to do so.

dtum@tattoedbear it is pretty easy, you can click on "Setup" and specify upper/lower range for your tank that makes the most sense. Feel free to email for further help
steve60-300 ‐ The app will not allow me to add inhabitants.
dtum@steve60-300 strange, can you please email me a screenshot of the issue at
falcon ‐ How come all of a sudden it’s telling me to upgrade to a “Pro” version to add pictures and/or aquariums?
dtum@falcon basic version is free and includes everything an aquarist may look for. Hosting images costs money and you want a service that is net profitable so that it is around another 8 years from now to assist you with your aquarium keeping.
zahamoon ‐ Great app!! It’s so easy to monitor my tank than using excel on my computer. Though I wish the graphs showing the parameters had visible dates on its x-axis.
dtum@zahamoon appreciate your feedback, do you think there's enough space to fit it in there?
dgonc86 ‐ Any plan updating the app so the proper fish show up when you click on the inhabitants?
dtum@dgonc86 I was not aware of this bug, will look into it. But meanwhile - if you could please email me with a screenshot of the issue it would get it fixed even quicker.
rpach1010 ‐ Why can I not add my parameters? It has only accepted my original entries from 4 days ago. Everything that I have tried to enter since then has not been logged. I keep hitting the add button and nothing happens.
dtum@rpach1010 I'm going to reach out to you via email to ask for a screenshot of the issue right now
trickystank ‐ Are there any seneye integrations available?
dtum@trickystank Good point, I think they do have an API, maybe that's a little project for me to work on over the next little while. If anyone knows people at SenEye - I'm happy to chat with them to expedite this.
trickystank@dtum hey buddy. Im copying you into a mail I got a reply from seneye 👍
pokerwinski@dtum why are my photos in my inhabitants messed up?
ivan ‐ Why can’t I edit inhabitants
dgonc86 ‐ Need to fix app man, can’t enter any parameters on iPhone.
dtum@dgonc86 hi, can you please email a screenshot of the issue, I am not aware of any problem. I'll reach out to you via email.
dtum@Ivan I've sent you an email
ivan ‐ Problem with editing inhabitants resolved. User error I was editing the price paid and inserted the $ sign in front of the number which is not needed.