January 16, 2020

AquaticLog for iOS 9.2 Beta

AquaticLog for iOS version 9.2 is now ready to be tested.


It's got a brand new way to interact with your measurements that will significantly speed up your input. Reminders now became even more useful and it takes just a couple of seconds to get the new measurement in.

If you can't wait till 9.2 is in the App Store, email me at contact@aquaticlog.com and you'll get early access for the app. IMPORTANT: please make sure to specify the email that you use for your Apple ID.

Also, don't forget that the service is free. And if you feel like supporting this, please leave a review in the App Store.

Finally, my dear Android users, I have not abandoned you and I'm working on a version of the app that will make up for such a delay in updates. You can always buy me a coffee to get things going faster. Buy me a coffee

buffalou ‐ please include me in on this!
raketemensch ‐ I’ll test as well, it sounds like the form I requested :)
paulwilly ‐ I would love to test the new version.
david1956 ‐ Add comments I would love to try the new version if it's better than the old one it must be pure magic. Many thanks ...
rings ‐ The new version is a lot faster. And I can see my products. I love it already (this postvat where I can see my tekst is not that good)
markt128 ‐ sign me up
grzegorz ‐ Add comment link to version 9.2 please ... I would like to try it out...
morganator ‐ it would be neat to try it out
reefer-nick ‐ could you please sign me up I will try out the new version for my tank
gutierrez166 ‐ I would like to try it.
buffalou ‐ Dimtry,
so far it's been very good, uploaded a bunch of my info. Once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy and fast.
Thanks agian!
asarkisian ‐ Sign me up
mlewicka ‐ I too would love to give it a try! Sign me up please!! :)
colinpologordon ‐ I’d would like it
nazmax ‐ Add commented gladly give it a go ..
I can’t seem to find a way to add my total aquarium water volume so that it works with the water changes graph.
But this app is fantastic way to work in conjunction with an aquarium ...
dtum@nazmax hi Max, your account email seems to be invalid, I could not send you an invite.
darkwater ‐ Add comment So fat so good . I’m using API water test kit along with the Tetra strips for water checks There doesn’t seem to be a KH value to enter as found in the Tetra strip .. but entering values is fast and easy also the timer is fantastic to use when using the API test kit ... I performed a water change yesterday. And was thinking that a total volume of the aquarium would be handy to subtract from when doing water changes so in theory it could almost calculate your Nitate removal when doing a water change . Not sure that’s an easy task lol
But many thanks for creating this wonderful tool and app
Regards Roland

tanker-v ‐ Hi Dmitry. I sent an email to join your test team but I am just not sure if I need to add a comment here also so here goes. I would love to be part of the improvement team of a great app.
tanker-v ‐ I have a bug to report but I am not sure where that should be done. Can anyone point me the correct way. Ver 9.4
tanker-v@tanker-v sorry. 9.3