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Kessil AP700

Lighting by Kessil

1 rating

Used in 25 aquariums

By youngatheart on January 3, 2018
I have 2 of these for my 180 Gallon Custom Aquarium. I suppose I got my self into this, but I have the following issues: - Unable to control the device from a windows computer. (need to use iPad, iPhone or Android Phone. - Canopy Mounts are secured via PLASTIC "u" brackets. Such an expensive light relying on PLASTIC brackets - Really Kessil? - Very Expensive Light But I got them because the Aquarium is in my living room and I wanted the Shimmer and the PAR. I have rated 3 Stars for now, I will revise the review when I bring the lights on-line. Kessil time to STEP UP and improve.

17 Aquariums