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Polyp Lab Reef-Roids

Food by Polyp Lab

11 ratings

Used in 179 aquariums

By gianmd1 on June 22, 2020
Really good coral food, corals react very well and zoas multiply faster.
By choppingblock13 on February 18, 2019
corals went crazy
By reefrouteaquatics on November 27, 2018
I love this stuff. My corals eat this up fast!
By bastray on September 16, 2018
Good small particle size. I use it with reef chili. Been happy so far.
By drrgb on April 11, 2018
By pjvalencia on July 6, 2017
Great product. My corals loves it.
By echogi on June 1, 2017
By cweller on May 20, 2017
By adammahne on May 19, 2017
By firefox1 on April 10, 2017
By national_reefing on January 9, 2017
Great product! Recently starting using it in conjunction with Booster.

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