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Feature Log

Keep a log of your overall aquarium status, any unusual events, your fish breeding habits, and coral and plant growth.


Feature Schedule

Schedule upcoming aquarium cleaning, equipment replacement, water change, feeding, dosing and more.


Feature Record

Record aquarium temperature, salinity, pH and other parameters. Chart historical values to see how the highs and lows correspond with your maintenance activities.


Feature View

See your latest measurements, records and activities on a single page, giving you a quick overview of your aquarium's health.


Feature Share

Share your aquarium profile with others. Look at other aquarists' tanks and ask for advice on how to achieve similar results. Let others learn about aquarium keeping by studying your records.


Feature Organize

Maintain a list of your fish, corals and plants. Keep track of your aquarium equipment and supplies.

Aquarium Logging Freshwater


A fish-eye view of your aquarium.


Schedule reminders for any aquarium task.


A place to log your aquarium's changes and milestones.


Record aquarium temperature, salinity, pH and any other parameter you can think of.


Upload photos of your aquarium and its inhabitants. Share with others.


Group all YouTube videos of your aquarium in one place.


Link your aquarium to a build thread on your favorite aquarist forum.

Multiple Aquariums

Maintain independent records for multiple aquariums under the same profile.


Keep track of your supplement and additive dosing.


Is it time to replace your light bulbs? Check your records.

Water Changes

Know how often you change water and its volume.


Handle an elaborate feeding regimen with ease.


All your logged data can be exported and downloaded to your computer.


Belong to a local aquarium organization? Find fellow members in the same group.


Share dynamic stats of your aquarium as a forum signature.


Receive scheduled maintenance reminders by email.

Auto Dosing

Fine tune your automatic dosing with ease.


Comment on other aquarist's activities and ask questions.

Equipment Database

Explore most popular equipment and find other aquariums that use it.


Follow other aquariums and learn from other aquarists experience.

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