Salifert Magnesium (Mg) Test kit

TestKit by Salifert

9 ratings

Used in 175 aquariums

By leoparda4 on September 11, 2019
Simple and reliable test!
By reefrouteaquatics on December 6, 2018
By dylangrech92 on June 1, 2017
Switched from JBL to this and i'm not going back
By nano on February 28, 2017
One I use all the time
By mulgabeth on February 19, 2017
box wears out before product
By jman472 on February 5, 2017
By dtum on January 21, 2017
Solid and well performing test kit. Cardboard box will eventually fall apart.
By dropped on January 13, 2017
Wont use anything else
By carlonaz on January 12, 2017

Some of the 175 aquariums that use Salifert Magnesium (Mg) Test kit