March 2020
It’s been a while. The move to the new house completely disrupted the spawning, as did the multiple moves within the house to the new fish room. Lots of guppy have been added over the last 6 weeks and they’re doing great except the last batch of red albinos and platinum albinos which took some heavy loss.

All of the corydoras pygmaeus have been moved to different spawning tanks as of today. The pygmaeus fry were transferred to a 20 L along with schultzei black.

This tank is just a guppy fry tank now.
February 2020
Removed all plants to a 5 gallon. Will be ready to separate out fry from adults.
Changed 7 Gallons of water
Moved fish to new house two days ago. All went well with new water and transition. I forgot to turn on the heater until late this evening and tank temps got down to 70. Fish were super active. Small fry, week old or so, are still seen at times.
Changed 8 Gallons of water
January 2020
More eggs seen this evening and the adults were quite active as well.

1 newly hatched fry seen late this evening.

Fed out large quantities of banana and microworms, and have been doing so for the past 10 days. Today was the first day in about 3 days that live bbs were fed out.

Even though a shit ton of snails were removed at the last wc, many small ones remain, so there’s a lot of detritus now. I need some assassin snails!
Still not seeing a lot of young fry from last batch.

Very small spawn today of around 3-5 eggs.
Changed 7 Gallons of water
Large wc today, with removal of all plants (including floating) and leaf litter in order to fully siphon the bottom. Removed a lot of snails and soaked floating plants in alum to remove the minute snails.

Siphoned at least 15 young fry. There seems to be around 30 older fry.

New was was colder than I wanted and brought the temp down by 5 degrees. This and the large wc seemed to stress out some of the older fry.