February 2014
Added Ornate Leopard Wrasse
Installed EcoTech Vortech MP40w ES
Powerhead by Hagen
Installed EcoTech Radion XR30w G3
Lighting by Aquael
Installed EcoTech ReefLink
Controller by Aqua Medic
Added Kenya Tree Coral
Added Purple Brush Gorgonian
Added Trumpet Coral
Added Halimeda Plant
Added Pulsating Xenia
Added Peppermint Shrimp
Added Black Slug
Added Brittle Sea Star Banded
teeny tiny ones... came in on some live rock.
January 2014
Fed Mysis, Brine, Spira
Added Yellow polyps
Added Zoanthid
Added True Carpet Anemone
Yes, it is bigger than a dinner plate and does NOT eat the sixline wrasse it hosts.
Added gorgonian
Added Mushroom Coral Super Red
Added Green Fluorescent Mushroom
Added Florida Ricordea Mushroom
utopianreef ‐ I really like this coral very easy to care for and lots of different colour variations and wow they look great when lights are low - Do check out my pics of same variety. Best wishes???
Added Hammer Anchor Coral
Added Yellow Ball Sponge
on many rocks...
Added sponge
see that pinky purple spongey stuff?
Added Ball Anemone
Added Spiny Brittle Star
He lives in there...lol
Added Diamond Watchman Goby
Added Cerith Snail
Added Nassarius Snail
Added Astraea Conehead Snail
Added Red Legged Hermit Crab
Installed RO/DI ? 4 stage
RODI by Aqua FX
Installed Kent MicroVert
Additive by API
Installed Aqua FX 100 Micron Filter Sock 7"
Filter by Aquael
Installed San Francisco Bay rotifers
Food by API
Installed Tank 72 gak bowfront
Aquarium by Aquael
Installed Brightwell Aquatics Lugol
Medication by API
Installed pump
Pump by API
Installed Kent Coral Accel
Food by API
Installed Ocean Nutrition Frozen Cyclops
Food by API
Installed Black Oak Stand - 72 gal curved for bowfront
Installed AquaMaxx Carbon One
Media by API
Installed Vodka
Additive by API
Installed Two Little Fishies Kalkwasser (1.1 lbs)
Reactor by AquaC
Installed Hikari Spirulina Brine Shrimp Frozen
Food by API
Installed carbon
Filter by Aquael
Installed Miracle Mud
Substrate by API
Installed two little phosban
Reactor by AquaC
Installed Coral Frenzy
Food by API
Installed Seachem Stability
Additive by API
Installed Kent Purple Tech
Additive by API
Installed Eshopps Overflow
Other by Aqua One
Installed Maxspect R420R LED 16,000k 27in, 160 watts
Lighting by Aquael
Installed Tank - 125 gal drilled back flo
Aquarium by Aquael
Installed Bulk Reef Supply Kalkwasser
Additive by API
Installed Seachem Purigen
Media by API
Installed Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heater
Heater by Aqueon
Installed Kent Garlic Xtreme
Medication by API
Installed Rods Food
Food by API
Installed Custom Oak Stand - 125
Installed ATI Coral Ocean Premium Quality Reef Salt
Salt by Aqua Medic
Installed Hydor Koralia
Powerhead by Hagen
Installed Kent Essential Elements
Additive by API
Installed Coralife Turbo-Twist
UV by Coralife
Installed AlgaGen Tisbe Pods
Food by API
Installed Nori Seaweed
Food by API
Installed Two little Fishies PhosBan
Media by API
Installed American Marine Pinpoint Wireless Thermometer
Thermometer by American Marine
Installed Hikari Marine A
Food by API
Installed purigen
Filter by Aquael
Installed ASM G-1X Protein Skimmer up to 150 gallons
Skimmer by AquaC
Installed Liquid Life MarinePlankton
Food by API
Installed Aquatic Life Designs Custom Sump
Sump by Aquatic Life
Installed chaeto
Media by API
Installed Seachem Reef Fusion
Additive by API
Added Mandarin Goby
Added Banded Coral Shrimp