February 2014
Changed 20 Liters of water
Measured Salinity at 1.023 SG
Measured Nitrate at 5 ppm
Measured Nitrite at 0.00 ppm
Measured pH at 8.0 pH
Measured Temperature at 25 C
Added 2 fishes to replaces loses:
1 Bangai Cardinal
1 Purple Firefish
Aquascape collapsed completely. Killed 3 fish and at least 1 fire shrimp.
Nearly all reef bones and branches removed.
The white reef bones on the reef are what I found on the beach in Mexico. About 1/2 mile offshore is the Meso American Barrier Reef, which i was fortunate to snorkel.

Looking forward to the bones colouring up.

The fallen/broken look to the bones was inspired by a huge mound of broken stag and other branching corals just behind the reef wall.
It adds a different look to the usual piles of LR and provides lots of gaps between the branches. This allows really good flow around the tank and provides lots of swim throughs and hidey holes for fish and inverts.
Added Randall's Pistol Shrimp
MIA - Put in tank and not seen for the last 2 weeks
Added Orange Stripe Prawn Goby
Added Scissortail Dartfish
Hides a lot in his huge dugout under the LR
Added Midas Blenny
Currently settling in
Added Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral
Added Florida Ricordea Mushroom
Added Assorted Colored Mushroom
Added Red Finger Gorgonian
Added Button Polyp
Added Hammer Anchor Coral Branching
Added Torch Coral
Added Zoanthid
Added Blue Cespitularia Xenia
Added Spiny Star Astraea
Added Black Mithrax Crab
Added Banded Trochus Snail
Added Blue Legged Hermit Crab
Added Dwarf Red Tip Hermit Crab
Added Nassarius Snail
Installed Hydor Rotating Deflector
Pump by API
Installed Ecotech Coral Glue
Media by API
Installed Aqua One Pump 500lt/ph
Pump by Aqua One
Installed TMC AquaRay Flexi LED - Red & Blue
Lighting by Aquael
Installed Sochting Oxydator
Other by Aqua One
Installed Hydor Koralia
Powerhead by Hagen
Installed TMC 200w Heater
Heater by TMC
Installed Eheim Compact+ 1000
Pump by API
Installed Jebao WP10 - Wavemaker
Powerhead by Hagen
Installed D-D Refractometer
Refractometer by Aqua One
Installed InTank RSM 130 Media Rack
Filter by Aquael
Installed TMC V2 Auto Top Up
AutoTopOff by Aqua Trend
Installed Tunze 9002 Skimmer
Skimmer by AquaC
Added Green Toadstool Mushroom Leather Coral
Very unhappy with the readings taken on 27/01/14. Took a water sample to my LFS to double check.

My Nitrate is running about 10, which is significantly lower than my test.
Ca & Mg are low, but not enough to worry.

Should be rectified with a 15-20% water change.

Also have D-D refractomter so will check LFS salt water & ammend with Red Sea salt myself.
January 2014
Measured Calcium at 330 ppm
Measured Magnesium at 1050 ppm
Measured Phosphate at 0.10 ppm
Measured Nitrate at 40 ppm
Measured Ammonia at 0.25 ppm
Measured pH at 8.0 pH
Measured Nitrite at 0.00 ppm
Measured Salinity at 1.019 SG
Measured Nitrate at 50 ppm
Measured Ammonia at 0.00 ppm
Measured pH at 8.0 pH
Measured Nitrite at 0.00 ppm
Measured Salinity at 1.018 SG
December 2013
Measured Nitrate at 20 ppm
Measured Phosphate at 0.40 ppm
Measured pH at 7.8 pH
Measured Nitrite at 0.00 ppm
Measured Ammonia at 0.25 ppm
Measured Salinity at 1.024 SG
New Tank